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The PreOscar Swag Party, held February 27, 2016, at Hyatt Century City in Beverly Hills, introduced GroovyCharms as the best provider of bracelet, necklaces and charms to celebrity parents and their kids. They exhibited some of the products that are known to be cute, impressive and charming.

Celebrities were seen wearing their GroovyCharms necklaces, bracelets, and charms. They portray the most impressive fashion while walking in the crowd. Some of the celebrities who have worn the products include Adrienne Frants, Justin Tinucci, Serena Laurel, and Mari Marrow. Kym Whitley, a celebrity mother and actor Jason Ian Drucker were both impressed with their products.  

GroovyCharms was created by a mother of 5 boys in LA (the youngest of which are triplets). Each of the charms that she created are safe for the kids over the age of three; they are also free from lead. She does this to assure those kids that at such a young age, they can express themselves. They can also have some fun and excitement in doing it.

Exhibiting these charms at the prestigious PreOscar Swag Party serves as the stepping stone for GroovyCharms to be remembered in the fashion world. Its style, trend and charm are best to express the personality and appeal of an individual.

With more than thirty colors and styles for parents and kids to choose from, the possibilities are endless. The immediate popularity of GroovyCharms is achieved during the PreOscar Swag Party. It is also expected that more celebrities will try to wear all of these charming and cute products as part of their fashionable attire.

This is the reason why GroovyCharms continues on doing their best. They dedicate all their time and effort to assure celebrities of wearing such products. This is most especially in regard with their children. They can give their huge impact, appeal and look when they face the crowd. All of the products are also offered by GroovyCharms at the most affordable prices with a portion of proceeds being donated to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles


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Company: GroovyCharms 


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